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Monday, November 15, 2010

chanakya niti in english


This are few of the english excerpts from the manik parivar
sorry cannot delve in anything new but rather felt to copy it first to understand the niti of chanakya

Thursday, May 31, 2007





1 I bow my head to almighty Vishnu, the lord of all worlds, before venturing to put forward the essence of knowledge on politics, extracted from several books and scriptures, for the general benefit of society.
2 The careful study of politics teaches one to discern what is wrong and what is right. And imparts wisdom to choose the path that leads to success and good result
3 For the general public I reveal this knowledge to help everyone know when to do what, to become know all.
4 A wise one should not impart knowledge to a brainless idiot. or associate oneself with a woman of low character or keep company of a complainer beset with miseries. Because they only cause frustration and pain.
5`Death is the fate of person who lives in a place which houses a scheming woman, or a deceitful friend, or disrespectful servant or a poisonous Snake.
6 Protect the money you save for hard time. Protect your woman with the money. Protect yourself with the money and the woman.
7 Save and guard your money for rainy days, if you are not careful, the money has a tendency to get dissipated easily.Bad times come unheralded.
8 Never make a country your home that denies you respect, that offers no means of livelihood, that does not give you a family and Friends and a country that has no education system.
9 Do not live a place for a single day where there are rich people , no king, no scholar, no river and no physician.
10 Do not live in a society which is devoid of, employment opportunities, fear, shame cleverness and spirit of sacrifice.
11 Test the fidelity of the people around the following testing times, a servant sent to fulfill a task, kith and kin in hard times, a friend in hour of dire need, and wife when is money is gone.
12 A true brother or friend is he who stands by you in illness, in hard times, in famine, in facing enemies, in royal court, and in funeral ground.
13 Do not run after what is uncertain, and the process you might loose what was certain.
14 A wise person should seek the hand of a girl from a good family even if ugly she be in look at. Never marry a girl from the lower family than yours, however, beauteous she may be.
15 Do not trust clawed beasts, long and sharp horned animals, persons in arms, woman and royalty.
16 Accepting nectar from poison, gold from unclean source, learning from a person of a lower class and a good woman from a family of bad repute is not wrong.
17 Women have twice the food , four times of shame, six time of courage and eight times of sex hunger.

End of Chapter ONE

Thursday, May 31, 2007





1 Telling lies, impatience, deceit, foolishness, greed, impurity, and cruelty - these are the basic traits of woman.
2 If one has a regular rich food available, and appetite to eat and a good constitution to digest it, a beautiful woman to make love with, no shortage of money, and a charitable disposition, then it is like the boon earned after a long meditation.
3 He who has a obedient son, a devoted wife, and is contented with money he has got, is indeed a heavenly life.
4 True sons are those who are dutiful to their father, a true father is one who devoted brings up his children, a true friend is one who is trust worthy and a true women is one who begets peace and happiness to her family
5 A friend who talks all sugars and honey to you but puts finner in your works behind your back is like a piture full of poison topped with cream
6 Do not trust your bad or even good friend with your vital secrets. When your relation sour they shall use the secrets as leverage over you.
7 *Keep your all plans and your ultimate objectives to yourself Guard it as your life's treasure.
8 Certainly the stupidity is woe, the youthful age invites woes but living in other,s house as a poor relation is the biggest woe.
9 Every mountain does not have gem stone, every elephant does not bear Gajamukta gem. Saints don't abound everywhere and the sandalwood trees don't grow in every jungle.
10 Wise people should get their children learn manners, values, and trades of gainful employment. The society respects people who are cultured and employed.
11 The parents who do not educate their children are in fact their enemies. An uneducated person is conspicuous among educated as a crane amongst swans.
12 Too much indulgence spoils sons and pupils, strictness and rebuke make them talented.
13. Read everyday a couplet, half a couplet, half a line, one word at least half a word. But do read
14 *Separation from one's woman, insults by near and dear ones, indebtedness, serving a wicked king, poverty and meeting of one's opponents, are no fire but they burn down a person.
15 * A tree grown on a river bank, a woman staying in an others person's house and a king without council of able ministers are destined to a sure downfall.
16 *Power of Brahmani's is knowledge , power of king is his army, power of merchants is their money, and power of lower classes is servility.
17 *A prostitute deserts an impoverished customer, subjects desert a vanquished king, birds fly away from a tree which ceases to bear fruits and guests leave the house after having the feast.
18 A Bahamian departs after receiving alms, a student takes leave of his teacher on completion of education and deer deserts a burnt forest.
19 One who lives with a man of bad character. gets associated with a sinner or befriends a person belonging to a place of evil, he gets destroyed very soon.
20 Friendship among equals, service of a good king, behaviour of a trader and a beautiful woman inside a house, all these are four ideal

End of Chapter TWO

Thursday, May 31, 2007




1. Which family is without blemish? Who has never suffered from grief? Who has no flaws in character? Who has no flaws in character? Who is always happy?

2. A man’s manners reveal the class of his family, his language reveals his country, and his hospitality reveals his affection and his physique.

3. Marry your daughter into a high family, engage your son to education, wed your enemy to some addiction and propose your friends to good deeds.

4. If the choice is between an evil person and a snake, opt for the latter. The snake bites only once but an evil person will sting you at every step.

5. A king surrounds himself with heads on noble families because they do not desert the king at any stage.

6. When the doom comes even the sea becomes a part of upheaval. But saints do not loose their calm and composure.

7. Stay away from a fool. A foolish person is in fact to legged animal. His foolish talk will pierce you like invisible thorn.

8. A person born to a high family, full of youthful vigor and beauty, if does not have education, is like a flower without fragrance.

9. The beauty of cuckoo is its sweet call, the beauty of woman is in her piety, the beauty of an ugly person is in his wisdom and not the beauty of Mahatmas is their forgiveness.

10. Sacrifice a person if it saves a family, a family for village, a village for state and sacrifice earth for to save your honor.

11. Industriousness removes poverty, meditation of God washes away sins, silence ends quarrels and vigil expels fear.

12. Excessive beauty of Sita, over arrogance of Ravana, and unlimited generosity of king Bali, resulted in disasters. Too much of everything is bad.

13. No weight is too heavy for all powerful, no place is too far for a trader, no country is foreign for a learned scholar and no one can be enemy of sweet and polite speaker.

14. A single tree bearing fragrant flowers scents an entire forest. Similarly, one good son brings laurels to entire dynasty.

15. A single dried tree catches fire and destroys the forest. Similarly, a bad son blots copy-book of entire family.

16. An educated, highly qualified and polite son is a joy of the family. He is like full moon shedding soft and soothing light.

17. Sons who only bring sorrow and grief are worthless. Better not to have born them. One worthy son is enough for a family to be taken care of.

18. Indulge your son in love up to five years of age, be in strict disciplinarian for the next ten years and one enters sixteenth year of age, treat his as a friend. Tell him facts of life. Give him tips to make him worldly wise.

19. In times of anarchy in a country, invasion by superior enemy, grave famine, and presence of an evil person, whoever runs away from the scene in such times, survives.

20. One who has no religion, no money, no love, and deliverance, he just goes on taking birth and dying fulfilling no purpose.

21. Where fools are not respected, where food grains are safely stored and where couples do not quarrel, there prosperity automatically comes and no shortage remains.

End of Chapter Three

Thursday, May 31, 2007




1. Age, deeds, economic state, education and death, these five are determined at the time of the very inception of every creature

2. Sons, friends and relatives distract you from the company of holy people. Do not get distracted because the discourse of holy people will enrich you spiritually and entire family get enlightened?

3. A fish by adoring looks, tortoise and a bird by assuring physical contacts, rear their off springs. Association with noble people brings up the good in you with the same loving care.

4. A healthy body distances death. Do all good deeds you do now. When the death come all chances will be gone.

5. Education is like Kamdhenu that fulfils all wishes, it helps realize dreams in another land it protects one from alienation and earns one love and respect, and it is a treasure hidden inside one.

6. One worthy son is better than hundred worthless ones. One moon lights up the darkness of night, thousands of starts don’t.

7. A dead son better than a living idiot son. The dead one give sorrow only once in his death. The living idiot is a lifelong sorrow.

8. Living an evil village, serving an evil family, bad food, a quarrelsome woman, an idiot son and widow daughter, these six are one’s funeral sans fire.

9. What is the use of cow that is barren? What is the use of taking birth of son who neither is scholar nor religious?

10. In this world, which is a boiling cauldron of miseries three things provide cool relief, a worthy son, a devoted wife and discourse by saintly people.

11. Kings speak only once. Pundits advise only once and daughter’s hand is given in marriage only once. These three have the importance of being one timer. These three have the importance of one timer.

12. Meditation is done alone, study needs two, a song is for three, four-some is journey, cultivation requires five, and war asks for more to make an army.

13. A true wife is one, who is pure and intelligent, who is loved by her husband and who always speaks the truth.

14. A home is forlorn without a son, all directions are pointless without kith and kin, a fool’s heart is empty of emotions and the most depleted of any good is poverty.

15. A skill not put into practice and undigested food becomes poison. For a poor person, the company of his own people and for an old man, a young wife is poison.

16. Quit a religion that does not teach mercy and compassion, quit a guru who is devoid of knowledge, quit a shrew and ill tempered woman and quit the kith and kin who have no love for you.

17. A man undertaking too much travel, a horse kept tied to a place, a woman denied sex with her man and clothes exposed to sun, age and fade away soon.

18. A wise person must periodically reassess his life and give a thought to, how many friends he has made, the state of country, his finance, condition of dwelling house, his physical state, gains, strong points, follies and about his inner self.

19. The biological sire, the religious conductor of one’s birth rites, the teacher, the provider and the protector, these are five fathers of a person.

20. King’s wife, a teacher’s wife, a friend’s wife, mother-in-law and one’s biological mother, one should accord these five the treatment reserved for a mother.

21. Agni Veda- the fire is the deity of Brahmin, Kashtriyas, and Vaishyas the deity of saints is in their hearts, stupid people believe in idols and those with universal vision feel the omnipresence of God.

End of Chapter Four

Friday, June 01, 2007




1. A Brahmin is guru of two casts, Kshatriya's and Vaishya's, a husband is guru of his wife, and a guest is guru of all.

2. Gold is tested by rubbing, cutting, heating and striking. Similarly, the spirit of sacrifice, behavior, character and deeds are four testing grounds for a person.

3. Fear the fear till the cause of it has not appeared. When the cause shows itself, then do not fear. Fight it.

4. Offspring coming out of same womb are not alike in qualities. Just like fruits and thorns as well grow on the same tree.

5. A person does not deserve a thing he does not appreciate. One who is no lover of beauty does not preen. Stupid persons cannot speak polite and endearing words. A frank speaker can not be deceitful or dishonest.

6. Fools despise men of learning, poor despise rich, widows despise wives and madams of brothels despise virtuous women.

7. Lethargy destroys learning, money given to others does not come back, without seeds harvest does not come up and without a commander the army breaks up.

8. Education comes with exercise, cultured manners earn credit to the family, positive qualities determine the greatness of character and eyes show anger.

9. Money protects religion, regular study preserves learning, and politeness fortifies king, pious women save homes.

10. Those who say that the knowledge of religious books (Vedas and Shastras) is useless, themselves useless. Their jealousy and anguish is useless. The knowledge of these scriptures is not useless.

11. Generosity removes poverty, grace kills crudeness, wisdom drives away stupidity and fear is destroyed by goodwill.

12. There is no disease worse than lust, no enemy is greater than the infatuation, no fire more ravaging than anger and nothing is more soothing than knowledge.

13. A person takes birth alone, dies alone and goes to heaven or hell alone.

14. In the view of an omniscient the heaven is straw, in the view of a warrior the life is straw, the view of those who have tamed carnal desires the woman is straw in the view of those who desire nothing this world is a straw.

15. Education is one’s friend in foreign land. At home wife is one’s friend and for a dead his religion is friend.

16. Rain over sea, feeding, feeding an overfed person, giving donation to a rich man and lighting a lamp in the sunlight are meaningless acts.

17. No water is purer that from a cloud, no power is mightier than will power and self-confidence, no light is brighter than eyesight and nothing is more satisfying than food.

18. Poor wish for money, animals want language, men pray for heaven and angels Moksha.

19. The earth rests on truth, the truth keeps the sun burning, the truth makes the wind blow and the truth is soul matter of everything.

20. Wealth is not permanent, so are life and the world. The religion is only permanent thing.

21. Among men barber, among birds crow, among beasts jackal, among women flower seller is the most cunning.


Friday, June 01, 2007




1. Man reads scriptures to know religion, he sheds ignorance to make way for learning and he attains Moksha (Nirvana) through knowledge of religion.

2. Among birds crow, among beasts dog, among saints ill tempered one and among humans a backbiter is the lowest of all.

3. Ash cleans bronze, acid cleans copper, menstruation cleans a woman and rapid flow cleans water of a river.

4. A king who tours his kingdom is the protector of the subjects. A Yogi or learned person who goes from place to place is respected. But a woman who walks out of her home gets destroyed.

5. One who has riches, he has friends, he has relatives, and he is called a man a wise one.

6. The destiny shapes one’s mind, brain, one’s profession and one gets associates according to the same.

7. Time consumes the five elements- the earth, the water, the air, the fire, and the sky. The time brings death. Even after doomsday the time remains in latent form. No one can beyond time.

8. A born blind knows no vision, a man driven by lust is blind to consequences, an arrogant person is thoughtless and selfish person achieves his aims without caring for the fairness of the means.

9. A person indulges in various acts and faces the consequences. He himself joins the rat race and finally leaves it on his own.

10. A king pays for the sins of his subjects, so does for the priest for the sins of his king, so does a husband for the sins of his wife, and a guru pays for the sins of his disciple.

11. An indebted father is an enemy. So are a lustful mother, foolish son, and a beautiful wife.

12. One can conquer a greedy by money, an arrogant by politeness, a fool by fooling and learned by truth.

13. It is better to be stateless than to live in a state of ruled by wicked king. It is better to be without friend than have a deceitful friend. It is better to be without a disciple than to have lowly foolish disciple. It is better to remain unmarried than have a wife of bad character.

14. There is no happiness in a state ruled by wicked king. There is no peace from deceitful friend. There is no joy in a home of woman of bad character. There is no credit in teaching a foolish and bad disciple.

15. A man must learn lessons from the following animals, one from lion, two from a crane, three from a donkey, and four from a cock, five from a crow and six from a dog.

16. Whatever task one undertakes, be big or small, one should not leave until the task is done. A loin does not let go the prey it has grabbed until it is devoured and only carcass remains.

17. A wise man must pay his undivided attention t achieving his goal. See how a crane freezes his entire body to concentrate upon the task of catching fish he has targeted.

18. Learn from donkey the spirit of hard work, stoicism and never complaining. The three qualities

19. The cock teaches four lessons. Rising early, fighting to the end, the spirit of sharing food with others like it does with hen and the brood and attacking to defend it territory and rights.

20. Make love discreetly, walk quietly, store the desirable, be vigilant, and do not put trust easily in others. These five things we must learn from crow.

21. Learn following six things from a dog. Have good appetite, eat less than capacity to consume, sleep well, wake up at the slightest disturbance, love your master and be brave.

22. Learn the twenty lessons from the animals and adopt them. The one who does that will achiever success and victory in all fields.


Sunday, June 03, 2007



1. Wise men don't reveal on others, the loss of money, the heart's sorrow, the duping by thugs and instults suffered.
2. One who uses frankness in dealings of money and grains., in getting education, in eating and other works, is always gainer.
3. A contented person enjoys the feeling of fulfilment. On the contrary a greedy person running around for more is never at peace.
4. Be satisfied with your woman, your food and your earning. Don't ever be satisfied with your knowledge and self improvement and charity.
5. Do not walk through, two learned persons, fire and Brahmin, a husband and wife, master and his servant, plough and the oxen
6. Never touch with your foot , fire, teacher, Brahamin, holy cow, girl, seniors and a boy.
7. Stay away from a bullock cart by five arm length, a horse by ten arm lengths, and in case of evil persons leave that country outright.
8. An elephant is controlled by a goad, a horse by whip, a horned bull by stick, and an evil person can be controlled by a sword.
9. Food makes a Brahim happy, thunder of clouds delights a peacock, prosperity of others pleases noble people and disaster falling on others fills an evil person with glee.
10. More powerful enemy can be appeased by abiding by his dictates, a weaker enemy must be ordered to fall in line and in case of an equally powerful enemy, appeasement or order, any tactic can be applied as the situation demands.
11. The power of the king is in his sword, the power of a scholar is in his knowledge and the power of women is in their beauty and sweetness.
12. In this world it is no good to be too simple and straight. Look, only straight trees get felled down in the forest. No one touches kinky ones.
13. Swans live in a lake which is full of water. They desert the lake when it becomes dry. Men should be like swans, changing their habitat when needed.
14. Money is best protected in charity. The water of pond stays good when it has inflow and outflow.
15. In this world, one who has money makes friends, relatives, he is superior human, and he lives the life of luxury.
16. In living heaven are those who follow the four signs: a charitable disposition, politeness, faith in a higher power, and act of satisfying people with food.
17. In living hell are those, who are ill-tempered, who talk harsh words, who are poor, who quarrel with kith and kin, who associate themselves with bad characters and who serve lowly people
18. If one goes near the den of the lion he finds Gajamoti pearl and if one goes near the den of a jackal he would find only tail of a calf or a piece of ass hide.
19. A dog's tail cannot cover dog's private parts. It can't protect from mosquitoes. So is a man with inadequate education.
20. A good and polite talk, purity of heart and discipline are worthless without a feeling of kindness for all living creatures.
21. There is fragrance in flowers, oil in oil seeds, fire in wood, butter in milk, and sweetness in cane, though we don't see them. Similarly there exists a soul in a body in invisible form. It is a mystery which only the faith and logic can help understand.


Monday, June 04, 2007



1. The lowly people desire money. The middle level people yearn for money fame both. But the high class people seek only the honour.
2. One can do charitable work and bathing even after having care, water, milk edible roots, pan fruits and medicine.
3. Light of lamp destroys darkness but produces soot. Similarly whatever, one eats its good or bad qualities reproduced in one's children.
4. O Lord, give wealth to good people. And not to others. The salty water of sea gets transformed into pure water through clouds and it nurtures life on the land before going back into sea.
5. Sages say a yavan (foreigner) is equal to thousands of scavengers.
6. After oil massage, after attending a funeral, after sex, and after hair cut, one is dirty until one has take a bath.
7. In indigestion water is medicine, it gives vigour and after being digested. With meals taken little by little it is nectar. And it is poison if taken after meal.
8. The education is useless without getting translated in acts, and uneducated is living dead , without a general an army whithers and without husband a woman falls.
9. Woe is man, whose wife dies in old age, whose wealth goes into cousin's hand and who lives on food provided by others.
10. Studying Vedas without performing yagna is useless, yagna without charity is useless. The spirit and the devotion are supreme factors in any act.
11. One should worship an idol of wood, stone,or of any metal, only with a firm belief that a certain Deity or God is present in it. Lord Vishnu blesses according the faith of the worshipper.
12. Nothing is bigger blessing than peace , nothing is more joyous than contentment, nothing is more morbid than greed, and nothing is more religious than mercy.
13. Anger is death some, greed is river of woes, eduction is all providing and contentment is the biggest happiness.
14. Talent adds to the beauty, good manners are credit to the family, implementation is tribute to the knowledge, and spending is tribute to money.
15. The beauty of talentless, the family of an evil character, knowledge of the undeserving and the wealth of the miser perish soon.
16. The underground water is pure, the faithful wife is pious, the king who looks after the of his people pious and a content Brahamin is pious.
17. Unintended Brahmin and contented king perish. A shy prostitute and shameless woman of good family also perish.
18. Uneducated or foolish person is worthless even if he belongs a high family. A man of learning is respected by all though he may come of a low family.
19. A man of learning gets respect everywhere, education begets you everything and knowledge is appreciated everywhere.
20. Burden on earth are those who partake meat and drink. Same is the case with uneducated person. Such animal like men are scum of the earth.
21. A yajna without food grains by a king, a yagna conducted by saints without holy mantras and yagna done by person without charity burns the king, the saint and the person respectively. Hence there is no worse enemy than yagna.
22. A man belonging to high family, handsome and full of youth ful vigour, he may, but if uneducated, dies not get any respect and honour just like flower sans fragrance get few admirers





1. Dear brother, if you want deliverance, treat worldly desires as poison . Drink the nectar of forbearance, humility forgiveness, piety and truth.
2. Lowly person who reveals to others the secrets confided in him perishes like a snake does that lives in moth-hill.
3. It is irony of creator that he did not fragrance to fold, fruit to sugarcane, flowers to sandalwood tree, riches to a scholar and a long life to king. Why was the given the foresight of this?
4. Their nectar is the medicines, the best satisfaction giver is the food, the best among organs the eye and best par in a body is head.
5. No spy went into the sky, no one talked about it, no one made it , there is no precedent, yet about the heavenly bodies of Sun and the Moon, a Brahman knows when they will be eclipsed. Then why is not considered a scholar?
6. If you find, a student, a servant, a traveller, a hungry, a storekeeper and gatekeeper sleeping, wake him up.
7. And he do not wake up, a snake, a king, a lion, a wasp, a child and another's dog and a fool.
8. One who recites holy books for wages, a Brahime who eats food given by lowly people and sanke that is not poisonous can achieve little.
9. One whose anger causes no fear and whose pleasure cannot give any blessing, is of no use. And one who has no capacity to punish or grant mrcy is of no consquences.
10. A serpent who has no poison,also must sprad it hood to frighten the enemies.
11. The wise men spend their time in reading , the story of gamblers in the morning( Mahabharta), the story of women in the day(Ramayan) and story of a theif (Lord Krishna) in the night.
12. Application on one self of, self-made garland, self prepared sandalwood paste and self-written song of praise is so impious that it can destroy the riches of Indra, the lord of Gods.
13. Sugarcane, oilseeds, a person of low birth, woman, gold earth, sandalwood, curd and beter, these get better when crushed, beaten or rubbed.
14. Patience for times of poverty, cleaning for dirty clothes, heat for food made of poor quality and good natur for person of no beasuty, are redeeming qualities.







1. A poor person is not mean or worthless in true sense. A rich person is not poor because of his unshakable determination. But one who is not educated is the poorest of all. No redeeming feature about him.
2. Look before you tread, drink water after filtering it, speak correct language and act only after giving it a due thught.
3. If a student desires fun and does not want to hard work, then he should forget about education. If the education is his aim, then he should forget about fun luxury. The education and learning comes only through burning mid night oil and self denial.
4. What no poets imagine? What not woman can do? What rubbish drunkard's don't talk. What no crows eat?
5. Fate is all powerful. It can make asking a pauper and pauper a king, in a moment. Fate turns rich into poor and into rich.
6. Beggar is enemy of greedy, learned is enemy of ignorant, a lustful woman is enemy of her husband and the moon is the enemy of thieves.
7. One who has no knowledge, no piety, no credit for charity and belief, such person is burden on this earth like the roaming deer. His life is a waste.
8. An empty heart does not take advice like a bamboo growing in Malaychal hills does not become sandalwood tree.
9. Those who have no brains, what books can teach them? What is use of a mirror to a blind?
10. There is no way to correct an evil person. The bum hole does become a prime organ even after getting hundred times.
11. Antagonise your soul you die, antagonise others and you loose money, antagonise the king and you get destroyed, antagonise a bramin results in total destruction.
12. It is better to live in a tree hollow, in a forest infested with elephant herds nd man eater tigers, eat wild fruits, drink spring water, sleep on straw bed and wear tree bark, than to live relatives as a poor relation.
13. A brahimnis a tree, worship is its roots, learning of religious books is its branches, faith and deeds are its leaves, So, a Brahamin must protect it roots.
14. Those who are, mothered by prosperity(Lakshmi), fathered by faith in almighty and are brothered by faithful (vishu's devotees) for all the world are home.
15. Birds of various colors, shapes and breeds converges on a tree at evening time. And they fly away in different direction in the morning. So are kith and kin who come together in a family and then disperse. Why grieved the separation from each other?
16. One who is wise , he is powerful. Fools may be physically strong but they lack the winning power of cleverness. Just like the mighty lion who got killed by a clever rabbit.
17. If the Lord is the provider of us all , why should we worry? If he is not, When why does milk come in the breast of mother? So thing, O Lord, I wish to spend my time in your service.
18. My learning in holy language Sanskrit.Still I yearn for the knowledge other tongues. God drank nectar yet they thirst to drink the sweetness of love from the lips of heavenly beauties. (apsaras)
19. Compared to grains flour has ten times more energy, milk has ten times more than milk and Ghee has ten times more energy than meat.
20. Saag increases ills, milk invigorates body, ghee build up semen and meet adds to flesh.

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